Fineshriber Supports the Whole Student

The Fineshriber Family Foundation is continuing to make a profound difference in our students’ lives with two new grants- one for Arts Education and the second to help CCUSD families in need.     In the first grant the Fineshriber
Family Foundation continues its generous support for the Front and Center Theater Collaborative with a grant of $10,000 for the Story Pirates program. Story Pirates works with students to develop original characters along with storylines that grow out of the traits, goals and problems of those characters.
The Fineshriber Family Foundation has also awarded a grant of $20,000 for the Culver Needs Emergency Housing Fund. This is one in a series of grants Fineshriber has awarded to help our neediest CCUSD families, so that all of our children can come to school ready and able to learn.
Over the years the Fineshriber Family Foundation’s contributions to the arts, the sciences and the well-being of our students have made an incalculable difference in thousands of lives. They have our sincerest thanks.