Keep Our Students Moving Full STEAM Ahead!


What kinds of amazing opportunities and experiences will our students have in this new school year?

Professional theatre companies will do curriculum reinforcing theatre activities with every K thru 12 student. Middle and high school students will reach greater musical heights with their new band and orchestra instruments. Students at every elementary school will plant, grow and eat vegetables in their school gardens. Members of the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra will share their passion for music with our K-3 students, teaching them about rhythm, musical notation, musical instruments and great composers. Middle and high school students will find academic support through AVID and the CCHS Athletics Academic Support Program. Children in our elementary schools will gain mathematical confidence and mastery. And our students will be working with upgraded technology.

Equipment that gives our students the ability to delve deeper and reach higher; programs that engage every part of their being— this broad range of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) education is just a taste of what CCEF funding is making possible in our schools.

But to continue to offer these great opportunities, CCEF needs to raise the money to fund these programs every single year. And to add additional opportunities, programs, equipment and support for our students, we need to raise even more. That’s why we need your help. Your donations fuel everything we do.

Let our students know that they have your support as they move Full STEAM Ahead! by giving what you can. Please donate online.