40 Years of History

40 years ago, Diane Pannone and Charles Perelman heard a presentation about the Palos Verdes Education Foundation during a meeting by Culver City Rotary Club. Concerned by the school budget cuts as a result of the passing of Proposition 13, they both agreed Culver City should have a similar foundation, and held a meeting with a group of parents within that same week. Ten people contributed $100 each to help funding for essential school programs, and the Culver City Education Foundation was incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

CCEF grew with the support of local businesses and the generosity of friends and family who all wanted to ensure Culver City students received a high quality education. Our first computer was donated by a Rotary Club member and USC professor, and a local software company donated software for CCEF to maintain a mailing list. 

After 40 years, CCEF is proud to have accomplished, and continues to accomplish, what the founding members envisioned.

Supporters pose with our Declaration.

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"I think that when you have high quality education and people who are interested in the community, that it makes for a better life here. And so, the Education Foundation - that's kind of close to my heart. I was there at the very beginning and definitely was interested in seeing it come into being."
- Chuck Perelman, CCEF Founding Board Member

"My father, John Edell, was one of the original founders of CCEF. My brother and I benefitted from CCEF-funded programs growing up as we were able to participate in music and all of the other programs CCEF funded after Prop 13 was passed. My daughters are current CCUSD students who get to enjoy the many benefits of the CCEF funded programs today."
- Jaime Edell Naylor, The Surplus Store, former CCUSD student

Did you know...

  • CCEF's major fundraising event consisted of a Community Handbook that was distributed door-to-door to CCUSD parents in 1982. The Handbook included a proclamation by the mayor, a letter to parents explaining CCUSD's current financial situation, and advertisements from local businesses. This was CCEF's first contact with parents in the community.
  • The Culver City City Council proclaimed October as "Culver City Education Foundation Month" on September 13, 1982
  • CCEF was instrumental in the creation of a computer room at Culver City High School.
  • The hot air balloon used in the Everything-A-Thon became a part of CCEF's logo for many years.
  • In 1993, students from each CCUSD elementary school recorded a cassette tape at the Sony Studios to raise school funds, including an original composition titled, "Let Us Have Our Day in the Sun". All proceeds from the cassette benefitted CCEF.

CCEF Board Members 1981-Present

Thank you to all of the CCEF Board members who have generously donated their time and resources throughout these past four decades. Without your leadership and dedication to a high quality education for all CCUSD students, CCEF would not be where it is today.

Leslie Adler
Crystal Alexander
Arthur Allen
Robert Amen
Marlene Avganim
Pamela Baird
Flor Balkman
Carol Bardin
Judith "Judy" Bauer*
Susannah Baxendale
Jessica Beagles-Roos
Elaine Behnken*
Claudia Benitez
Louella Benson-Garcia, Ed.D.
Barry Berlin
Michael Berry
Tom Betts
Darlene Bilkiss
Judy Blake*
Charles Blum*
Janet Bowden, MA, JD
Stephanie Bressler
Barbara Brody
Barbara Brown
Allison Brush
Diane Bulgatz
Sharon Burns
Rich Burris
Debbie Cahill
Janey Campbell

Minerva Cano
Jose Luis Casarez
Dave Church
H. Ron Croyts
Rebecca Danelski
Patricia Davies
Saundra Davis
Cecilia & Bill DeBarmore
Colin Diaz
Doan Thi Nam-Hau
John Edell
Madeline & Paul Ehrlich
Chryssa Rae Elliott
Britta Eriksson
Harvey Erlich
Kamellia Evans*
Michael Fate*
Martin Feinberg
Denny Fisch
Virginia "Vicky" Foxworth
Jodie Fratantuno
Lise Friedman*
Margaret Fujisawa
Janet Gegan
Karen Goldsmith
Birgitta Granberg
Angela Gray
Maria Greco
Cathi Green-Bratton
Carol Gross

Kathie Haley
Wendy Hamill*
Cheryl P. Handel
Jeremy Haneline
Jane Harada
James Harris
Ted Hatfield
Diana & David Hauptman
Kathleen Haworth
Roz Henderson
Fabiola Hensley
Richard Hibbs
Elaine Hirohama
Erika Hoekstra
Barbara Honig
Tom Horn*
Ed Jackson
Michelle Jackson
Anne Jacobsen
Joan Jakubowski
Jeanette James
Gail and Roger Jewell
Kathy Johnson
Dale Jones
Angela Karasick Leighton
Megan Kirkpatrick
Robert "Bob" G. Knopf
Bella Kopulsky
Patricia Krause*
Nancy Kuechle

Rosalind "Rosie" La Briola
Michael Laase
Edna Larkin
Roberta & Jerry Leavitt
Amy Levit
Nicky Marble van Dam
Angel Eduardo Matos
Kevin McCauley
Skye McDougall*
Kathleen McKernin
Wendy Lade Merritt
Jedy Messinger
Maureen and Donald Meyer
Larry Miller
Wendy Miller
Cindy Mills
Eli Mingail
Shirley Miyamoto
Guillermina Molina
Shelley Myers
Raechel Moskowitz*
Joseph "Joe" Nagengast
Jack Nakanishi
Diane and Paul Netzel
Paul "Chip" M. Netzel
Nelson Nio
Dan O'Brien
Marla Osband
Diane Pannone*
Shelly Papadopoulos*

Injin Park
Marni Parsons
Charles "Chuck" Perelman
Nelly A. Perez
Beverly Peterson
Ilbert Phillips
Linda Price
Ralph Primo
Vincent A. Punturere
Karen Pyenson
Tamika Quillard
Michael Racine
Tony Rector
Jody Reichel
Deborah Rissman
Lu Rivas
Joanne and Don Roberts
Carol Robinson
Neil Rubenstein
Patti Schaub*
Sondra Schwartz
Alan Schulman
Ed Scott
Will Segar
Wendy & Howard Shabsis
Todd Shays
Ami Shilton
Marcia Shulman*
Evelyn Siegal
Linda Silva

Bill Silvestre
Andrea Smith
Carl Smith*
Michael Snell
Judy Solish
Diana Solomon
Robin Spector
Bill Stanforth
Meghan Steed Garvey
Robert "Bob" Steinberg*
Rebecca "Becky" Stephan
Elisabeth "Beth" Stewart*
Terrence "Terry" Stone
Lois Tansey
Felicity Vabulas
Gregory "Greg" Wallace
Maggie Walsh
Amy Warner
Kelley Wilcox
Benjamin Wiles
Breanne Williamson
Paula Wilson
Emily Winfield
Carolyn Wispe Burns*
Marla Wolkowitz*
Scott Wyant
Howard B. Zager
Rosalyn "Roz" S. Zakheim
Aileen Zeidman
Sharon Zeitlan

*Served as CCEF President

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