February 15, 2021

CCEF Supports Environmental Sustainability Efforts


The Culver City Education Foundation has provided funding to support the cost of the district’s Sustainability Coordinator. With the help of a generous $10,000 donation from Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Sustainability Department, CCEF was able to allocate this gift along with some additional resources to help fund this position for the 2020-21 school year.

Sandrine Cassidy has been leading the sustainability charge within CCUSD since 2019. When CCUSD budget priorities placed this position at risk of being cut in August 2020, CCEF and Sony stepped in to the rescue.

Environmental sustainability efforts have long been a part of CCUSD’s ongoing strategic goals. Our school district is one of only a few districts in the state of California to have formally adopted a plan to reach Net Zero by 2060. The Sustainability Coordinator works with a dedicated team of parents and other stakeholders on the Environmental Sustainability Committee to promote and improve sustainable practices within all district operations and to educate all students and their families on environmental issues. Many of these changes have established cost-saving outcomes.

We applaud these efforts and are proud to support CCUSD’s Sustainability Coordinator this year. We need more contributions to sustain our support beyond this school year. If you or others are able to make a significant donation, please contact CCEF Executive Director Renae Williams Niles to learn more about donor-designated gifts.

All donations to CCEF helps sustain many vital programs and priorities such as this at every CCUSD school.