September 15, 2022

Creativity Abounds in Elementary Art & Innovation Labs

CCAIL 2022

Elementary grade students have already started creating and problem solving in their Culver City Art & Innovation Lab.

The Culver City Art & Innovation Labs (CCAIL) incorporate both visual arts and pre-engineering learning standards. Taught by a dedicated CCAIL teacher at each school, all TK – 5th grade students receive 3 hours of CCAIL instruction each month. Lessons are designed to teach how to think through things and solve problems, not just content knowledge. The CCAIL provides an opportunity for students to express themselves and collaborate in a fun and creative environment.

CCAIL Teacher Eileen Pottinger says, “I love when students have a totally out of the ballpark idea they want to try, that I would have never thought of myself.”

The CCAIL curriculum was piloted last year. Visual Arts and Makerspace programs have similar goals of teaching creative exploration, a growth mindset, visual fluency, hands-on learning, skill development, and a sense of empowerment. CCEF provided funding to create Makerspaces at all the elementary schools starting in 2017, and we are proud to support the CCAIL program and see the student creations that emerge year after year.

A third grader at El Marino Language School shared, “When my teacher says “We are going to the Art & Innovation Lab today” our whole class cheers!”