December 8, 2020

Kids Creating at Home with Makerspace Supplies


The Culver City Education Foundation has provided funding to send Makerspace supply kits home for every student at every CCUSD elementary school. This allows our students to keep designing, creating and problem-solving while learning at home.

CCEF recently received a generous $10,000 gift from an anonymous donor to help fund the cost of these 2,600 Makerspace supply kits.

One silver lining of the virtual teaching format is that all K-5 students are now receiving more Makerspace creation lab lessons than was possible with in person classes.   

Makerspace activities foster curiosity, encourage exploration, and celebrate unique solutions. Students are introduced to Design Thinking engineering concepts as they create, tinker, explore, discover and solve challenges using different tools and materials.

CCEF is proud to ensure the continuation of Makerspace classes during this time. Your donation to CCEF helps sustain this innovative and inspiring program at every elementary school.