August 5, 2021

SmartMusic Funded for the 2021-2022 School Year


CCEF is excited to announce that, in thanks to your support, SmartMusic online learning resources will be made available to all vocal and instrumental music students at Culver City Middle and High School this year. 

SmartMusic allows students to practice notes and rhythms at home while getting immediate feedback. During their practice time at home, the student can use the software to record and play back their exercises, finding room for improvement and listening to their progress. For beginners, SmartMusic is a great benefit for building confidence at home. More advanced students can use fun features such as band and orchestra accompaniments to play along with a professional ensemble.

At CCEF we believe in equity for students, and having this new program is invaluable when supplementary private instruction is not affordable for all families. When students practice their skills with SmartMusic, teachers can better use time in class to focus on artistic expression and beautiful collaboration with the students’ performing groups. 

High School music teacher Dr. Tony Spano saw heightened advancement in students who used SmartMusic. Dr. Spano shares his students, “show a greater degree of commitment to, understanding, and enjoyment of the important benefits of daily, focused, mindful practice.”  

SmartMusic was introduced to our students last year as a tool during distance learning. The music teachers found the program to be so useful they approached CCEF to provide the funding to continue giving students access to this learning opportunity. 

Thank you for supporting CCEF and the SmartMusic program! Please donate to sustain this vital new resource for students in the coming years.